RBCU 264

Precision’s durable all stainless steel bakery counters have been designed to provide bakers with reliable, energy and cost efficient refrigerated storage solutions. 

Proudly made in the UK, these 600 x 400 patisserie tray format counters are capable of meeting the highest demands of commercial bakeries and patisseries all around the world. 

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Back & Unit Housing 
  • Front Breathing & Venting Refrigeration System
  • Designed To Operate in 43oC Ambient
  • Anti-Drip Worktop
  • Built-in Air Duct For Even Temperature Distribution
  • R404a Refrigerant
  • Zero ODP Ijected Polyurethane Insulation - 60mm
  • -5 / +5oC Retarder Temperature Range
  • Electronic Controller With Easy Read LCD Screen
  • Hot Gas Defrost
  • Door Locks Fitted As Standard
  • Rifle Bore Coated Evaporators
  • Integrated Flush Door Handle
  • 600 x 400 Shelving System - Anti Tilt Slides
  • Hi / Lo Audio Visual Temperature Alarms
  • Condensing Unit Safety System To Protect Compressor From Blocked Condensers
  • Self Closing Doors
  • Heavy Dutry Breake & Swivel Castors
  • Waste Heat Recovery Condensate Vaporiser System


  • Stainless Steel Back & Unit Housing