Specifi makes it easy to specify Precision

We recently appointed BIM specialist company Specifi to create and manage our BIM library, which will now include Revit files for all models.

This major investment will help consultants and dealers find accurate, up to the minute, correctly formatted, compliant blocks that will speed up the whole specification process. The files will be downloadable 24/7 from our website, or from the Specifi product catalogue.  They will also be available from the CESABIM and EFCEMBIM data bases.

The use of the BIM process is growing on projects in the UK and around the world.  This growth has driven our decision to invest in the creation of BIM files that are fully compatible and compliant with all customer requirements. As Specifi is also managing our product library, our clients can rest assured that they will be working with the very latest and completely accurate information.  Using the new data files, our products can be selected for a specification, included in a quote, or featured in a 3D render for the all-important ‘walk through’ visualisation. We’re delighted that that this major piece of work is nearing completion.  We see it as critical part of our continued drive for excellence in the areas of business development and client support. Our clients will see the benefits of this investment very soon.