Precision's Connected Performance & Maintenance Monitoring System

How it works

Precision Connect is a cloud based IoT (Internet of Things) solution, giving visibility from both a maintenance and temperature monitoring perspective on Precision Refrigeration products.

It can be accessed anywhere and anytime via a web browser or mobile app. You can quickly view where your refrigeration products are, and how they are performing at your convenience.

1. Wi-Fi module installed on the Precision product

2. Data received from the controller by the IoT gateway (via Wi-Fi)

3. Gateway sends data to the cloud via ethernet connection to local area network, or via mobile data network using mobile internet SIM and data plan

4. Data analysed through central cloud-based dashboard

5. Temperature readings and alarms data are available via the cloud, as well as the ability to modify all controller settings remotely.


How it benefits you

Precision Connect can help your business in the following ways:

1. Site visibility The geolocalization feature within Precision Connect means, the GPS location of each product is clearly identified.

2. Minimizes downtime Being able to review the health of your refrigeration equipment means that alarm monitoring and notifications can be sent to users, service engineers and other maintenance personnel, so issues can be prevented or dealt with quickly.

3. Clear reporting You can review the performance of your Precision equipment at the touch of a button; all information is hosted in the cloud securely, and viewed through a dashboard. Continual monitoring and storage of temperature readings also takes place, and can be easily downloaded for HACCP purposes.

4. Maximum productivity Foreseeing potential issues, reduces the risk of product downtimes, unpredicted maintenance costs and high operation costs. This all helps to ensure food is stored at its best, and waste is reduced.

5. Free virtual support Precision Connect comes with your very own free virtual support technician. No longer do you have to wait for an on-site engineer to arrive to change your equipment parameters, this can all be done via your virtual support technician. Simply contact a member of the Precision Refrigeration team, and the equipment performance history can be analysed remotely, and parameters can be changed at a click of a button. This all helps to save you time and money.


Download the Precision Connect brochure to find out more, or speak to a Precision sales representative.