Precision’s new Variable Temperature Drawer: is it a fridge? Is it a freezer? No, it’s both!

British manufacturer’s ultra-flexible, energy-saving individually refrigerated drawer unit

Precision has launched the latest version of its Variable Temperature Drawer, the individually refrigerated unit that provides a compact, incredibly flexible bulk storage solution, right in the heart of the kitchen.  The new version, model VUBC121, is the first Precision individual drawer to launch since the introduction of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives and MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard).  In independent tests, carried out by RD&T, the drawer scored ‘A’ when operating as a fridge and ‘B’ when being used as a freezer (EN16825 Climate Test Class 4).  What makes the VUBC121 even more attractive, according to Precision, is that it offers the best value of any unit of its type on the market. 

The VUBC121 has a clever new airflow design and an upgraded refrigeration system that enhance temperature control while delivering excellent energy efficiency.  The thickness of insulation on the top of the drawer has been increased, helping to reduce running costs even further.  As with the majority of Precision products, the drawer uses eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290, which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of just three.  It also features Precision’s ‘green’ polyurethane insulation, which has an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of zero. 

The ability to switch the drawer from fridge to freezer, at the push of a button, is a huge bonus in any kitchen where seasonal or other menu variations mean that storage requirements change from time to time.  The flexibility of the unit is further enhanced by a variety of options, including a worktop and the ability to stack units.  The optional heat resistant worktop allows operators to put cooking appliances on top of the drawer. 

The drawer size is GN2/1 and the maximum pan depth is 180mm.  The net usable volume is 62 litres, while the external dimensions are 1100mm wide by 675mm deep and 410mm high.  The drawer is constructed in stainless steel throughout and uses Precision’s advanced controller with an oversize, easy read LCD screen.  Standard features include hot gas defrost, flush door handle, Hi/Lo audio visual temperature alarm, a waste heat recovery condensate vaporiser and a system to protect the compressor from blocked condensers.  The refrigeration system is designed to operate effectively even in ambient temperatures up to 43°C.  

“This is our best ever variable temperature drawer,” says Precision managing director Nick Williams.  “I’m delighted for our R&D team that it achieved such brilliant energy label ratings.  I believe the VUBC121 offers the best flexible, affordable individual drawer storage solution for the modern commercial kitchen.” 

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RD&T (Refrigeration Developments and Testing Ltd) is a leading independent test house for refrigeration equipment.  Visit for more information.