Precision’s compact, ‘A’ rated undercounter fridge

Practical storage, with low running costs, for where space is at a premium

The latest version of Precision’s compact undercounter, the HPU150, has achieved an A rating for energy efficiency.  Designed to deliver a practical storage solution where space is limited, it has a footprint of only 600x640mm. 

The HPU150’s A rating means low power consumption and low running costs – under the Ecolabelling test* it used just 1.27kWh in 24 hours.  It achieves this through a variety of energy saving features including high performance, zero ODP polyurethane insulation, a waste heat recovery condensate vaporiser system, and the Precision electronic controller. 

The undercounter’s attractive, minimalist design, with all stainless steel construction and integrated, flush door handle, makes it ideal for both kitchen and front of house applications.  It is supplied with two adjustable shelves and the shelving system is removable for easy cleaning. 

Undercounters with drawers are an increasingly popular option in modern kitchen design, so alongside the standard HPU150, Precision offers the HPU152, which replaces the door with two drawers, and the HPU153, which offers a bank of three drawers.  “Drawers give chefs easier access to ingredients and allow product to be better organised,” says Nick Williams, Precision’s managing director.  “The choice of single door, two drawers or three gives customers the chance to select exactly the storage solution that works best for them.” 

Precision’s compact undercounter is also available as a freezer (model LPU150). 

* EN16825 Climate Test Class 4 - M1 Classification Test for Refrigerators