Precision and Shaun Rankin produce Guide to Meat Ageing

Celebrity chef says dry ageing cabinets are a ‘fabulous sales tool’

Celebrity chef Shaun Rankin is a huge fan of meat ageing.  Not only because of the flavours it produces, but also because he believes a meat ageing display cabinet can be “A fabulous sales tool, resulting in the customer already knowing what they want before they even sit down at the table.” 

However, meat ageing is a complex business and so Shaun has worked with Precision, the British refrigeration manufacturer, to produce a Guide to Meat Ageing.  The Guide was published to coincide with the launch of Precision’s specialist meat ageing cabinet. 

“Dry ageing is all about consistency and creating the correct environment,” says Shaun.  “This is why the cabinet from Precision is so good, it never fails to perform.” 

The Guide gives advice on areas such as meat quality and stock rotation as well as tips on how to get the best results.  For example, when ageing joints for longer periods he suggests brushing melted lard on the ends to reduce shrinkage. 

Precision’s dedicated meat ageing cabinet controls both temperature and the humidity, ensuring the meat is kept in the best possible environment.  Temperature can be accurately set between 1ºC and 4ºC and humidity controlled between 55-85%, without the need for a water supply.  Himalayan Rock Salt is supplied as standard to enhance flavour and to optimise humidity regulation. The stainless steel construction provides not just a hygienic solution, but a professional look that Precision says delivers “The perfect meat ageing and sales tool.” 

The Guide to Meat Ageing is available free from Precision or it can be downloaded from the company’s website.