It's A+ for Precision

Precision launches it's first A+ fridge

Precision Refrigeration launches its first A+ fridge in addition to the several A energy rated models already in its commercial refrigeration range. The team’s Engineering department is always striving to offer customers more, and better value for money, so with this in mind, Precision is undergoing a continual improvement programme on its range of commercial refrigerators. With some clever engineering enhancements, the team has already improved the energy ratings of some more of its models including its first A+ unit:

HSS 150 1 door space saving undercounter which is now A+ rated, from an A

HWU 111 1 door wall counter which is now B rated, from a C

HWU 211 2 door wall counter which is now C rated, from a D

The improvements to energy ratings are across the Precision range, and the team will continue this work in the forthcoming months.

In addition, all official energy tests conducted by Precision are to Climate Class 4 conditions, but the team also tests, where appropriate, those refrigerators to a Climate Class 5 environment, confirming their ability to operate in heavy duty conditions (40C/40% Relative Humidity). Precision wanted to ensure they put their refrigerators through the hardest relevant tests possible to ensure they will stand the toughest of commercial catering environments.

“We have invested a lot of time and money in recent years into our factory, testing facilities, and generally improving the way we do things” says Carl Rudd, Engineering Manager for Precision. “This latest news, shows our commitment to not only compete, but in time lead the field in commercial refrigeration to offer reliable refrigeration technology at great value to our customers.”