Chill - what’s your beef?

Precision’s new meat ageing cabinet is a front of house stunner

Chefs are turning diners on to aged meat. It’s tender, tasty and commands a premium price. It’s also a front of house draw when displayed, but ensuring it is kept in the best condition while showing it off is essential. Precision has the answer with its new stylish and practical meat ageing cabinet.

Equally suited for front of house display or kitchen duties, the cabinet provides the perfect temperature and humidity-controlled environment for meat ageing, while becoming a customer attraction. Its stainless steel construction provides a hygienic solution and a clean, streamlined look.

The cabinet’s internal temperature can be accurately set from 1ºC and 4ºC with the humidity controlled between 75-85%, without the need for a water supply. A key issue with meat ageing is that the humidity needs to be constant.  However, in a refrigerated cabinet when the system turns on and off the humidity level can fluctuate considerably.  Precision supplies Himalayan rock salt to act as a regulator ensuring the humidity level stays constant. The rock salt has the added bonus of enhancing the taste.

The cabinet is available in different colours to match a site’s décor, with solid or glass doors or, for an extra bit of stand-out appeal, can be supplied in Precision’s popular Retro Refrigeration cabinet format.

The MA600-1950 meat ageing cabinet measures 600mm (w) x 500mm (d) x 1950mm (h), it has three 350mm x 520mm shelves and a hanging rail.

For those wishing to know more about meat ageing, Precision has written a guide to the subject, in conjunction with celebrity chef, Shaun Rankin.