The Individual Restaurant Company

The Individual Restaurant Company (IRC) owns the Piccolino and the Restaurant Bar & Grill brands. It's a highly successful restaurant group, opening new sites every month and trading seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner

“We’re creating a group of restaurants with an individual style, each fitted to a high specification with distinct characteristics and atmosphere,“ says Alan Ritchie of IRC. “We have to work with suppliers who can adjust their products and services to our site, not the other way round.”

The Individual Restaurant Company - founded in 1999, has focused on creating a group of restaurants with an individual style attracting a wide customer base. Each restaurant is fitted to a high specification with distinct characteristics and atmosphere.

IRC sets exacting standards. The refrigeration doesn’t just have to be top quality: it has to be flexible enough to fit each site’s individual demands. And the service support has to be totally reliable.

“The Precision products are absolutely the quality we want,” says Alan. “But what sold them to us was their flexibility.”

Precision worked with IRC to develop a new prep counter to meet the Group’s needs. The PPC (Precision Prep Counter) has a special ‘bi-flow’ system to cool both the top-mounted ingredients wells and the storage cabinets below.

The space-saving new prep counter is more compact than standard units, allowing IRC to add a frame, gantry and pass shelf without increasing the overall footprint.

Meanwhile, to match the individual style of IRC’s bars, Precision adapts the design features on its heavy-duty back bar coolers to fit each site, changing handles, doors and finishes to suit décor and style in particular sites.

Precision supplies IRC with a wide range of refrigeration: from small under counter units to upright gastronorm cabinets, prep counters and coldrooms, plus back bar refrigeration.

“Our restaurants’ success is based on quality service, stylish individuality and giving our customers the exact products and services they want,” says Alan. “We expect the same from our suppliers. And we get it from Precision.”