Chilango has more awards than you can shake a pair of maracas at. Variously described as the best/coolest/hottest Mexican in London, the four-site (and growing) chain is gaining a reputation for fresh Mex in a fun ambiance

“We’re all about amazing food that’s jam-packed with flavour,” says Chilango’s co-founder Eric Partaker. “We’re inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine, but we’ve added a few other ideas, courtesy of the largest Mexican communities in the USA. And to ensure our customers get to enjoy great tasting food, we combine the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on with the best cooking techniques.”

To ensure that their fresh ingredients are always in top quality condition, Chilango specifies Precision refrigeration.

The latest Chilango, just opened in Chancery Lane, is typical. Customers’ food is made to order and the ingredients for favourites such as burritos (London’s best, according to Harden’s) are kept close at hand in wells mounted into the Precision refrigerated counters’ work surfaces.

“The open wells mean chefs can easily get to the food, but the refrigeration system keeps everything chilled and in top condition,” says Eric Partaker.

With a chain of restaurants a big issue is ensuring that the same kitchen equipment can be fitted into the various sites’ different kitchen layouts and sizes, to ensure customers get the consistent quality they expect with each visit, whichever Chilango they go to. “Precision counters are ideal because they come in a variety of sizes,” says Eric Partaker.

“There are ultra-narrow ones that are just 520mm deep, standard 670mm versions and extra deep ones that measure 790mm. Plus they’re available with loads of different options, including pass-throughs. That means that no matter the size, shape and style of counter we need, Precision can supply it, whatever the kitchen layout.”

The counters at Chilango’s in Chancery Lane are standard 670 Series units – but their flexibility isn’t limited to the cabinet itself. “Another benefit with Precision is the choice of worktops: we’ve used extended versions, that overhang at the back or side, plus ones with splash backs, pan wells or raised pan rails. We can also order them without a worktop, so they fit under installed fabrications,” says Eric Partaker.

Like every business, Chilango is acutely aware of equipment costs. "We buy quality but we also want value - Precision gives us both and the cabinets are totally reliable," says Eric Partaker. "Being stainless steel throughout means they look great, which is important in our style of open-plan kitchen, but also are easy to keep clean and will last. The Precision counters have these smart controls that mean the fridge system only runs when it needs to, which cuts energy costs.

“They certainly tick all the sustainability boxes."