A taste of Latin America in Watford

Las Iguanas is a Latin American casual dining restaurant brand with over 50 sites across the UK. The restaurant chain started in 1991 in Bristol, serving boldly spiced Latin American food from scratch to customers, and soon became a hit.

Today, Las Iguanas serves over 75,000 customers per week, and is one of the nation’s most popular choices for eating out. The delicious menus are designed around the carnival vibes of Latin America, bringing the vibrant culture and heat to every Las Iguanas restaurant.

The menus are diverse, and therefore require equipment that can house a multitude of different ingredients to meet the needs of the restaurant. The Precision 9 drawer Prep Counter was chosen as the perfect solution to house their homemade sauces and fresh ingredients at Watford, and other Las Iguanas sites. It is a vital piece of equipment to the kitchen team, and helps with speed of service, as well as storing food correctly at a constant temperature.

Las Iguanas value the efficiency in their kitchens, and were recognised as the Operator of the Year for Innovative Kitchen Design in the 2019 Foodservice Equipment Journal (FEJ) Awards. The design of the Precision Prep Counter fits perfectly into the galley styled kitchen at Watford, and helps the overall efficiency of the kitchen, to plate and present tasty and beautiful food to customers. The Precision units are situated directly in front of the cooking range, so chefs can turn around and get the ingredients they need fresh from the Precision Prep Counters. There is a choice of doors or drawers available on the units for ease of use and storage.

The kitchens are visible within the restaurant, and customers can see their food come to life right in front of them, so it creates an exciting theatre environment. Dishes are created from scratch by the team of highly skilled chefs, to celebrate the flavours, pleasure and joy of Latin America every day.

“What is particularly important to me with Precision equipment is the reliability of the products,” comments Glenn Evans, Head of Food Development at Las Iguanas. “The fridges get a pounding in our kitchens, so they have to last, and meet the needs of the busy team.

I love the efficiency the Prep Counters bring to our kitchens, and the flexibility it offers us, with storing ingredients and keeping them fresh, for our current and future new menus. The blinds can be used at the end of service, to keep the ingredients cold and fresh for the next day, and helping to reduce our food waste.

The Precision Prep Counters is the choice for me, and I would happily recommend it to any chef. The flexibility and efficiency this product gives you, and the reliability and robust construction of the unit, works well in any kitchen.”