Mission, Vision, Values

Together, our mission, vision and values statements provide direction for everything that happens at Precision Refrigeration.


Mission: “We are a leading global manufacturer of professional refrigeration, supplying quality, niche, affordable products with first-class service, destined for both foodservice and bar operators.”


Vision: “We will inspire our customers with innovative designs, trusted reliable refrigeration technology solutions to:

 • Support our international dealer network and customer base, and help grow business opportunities.

 • Be a responsible company towards the environment, both in the manufacture and running of our products.

 • Be an employer of choice, both locally and in the industry.

• Nurture, grow and develop our staff to give their best to all who interact with us”.



Quality – offering customers, precisely designed, high quality products that are reliable in the most demanding of environments.

Service – providing a first-class service to our customers and all who interact with us.

Differentiation – being an innovator of niche products to offer our customers solutions for their individual needs.

Flexibility – being able to quickly respond to changing customer and market demands to maximise business opportunities.